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Manual Tracking - Yikes!

Let's face it, manual container tracking is just too hard. There's no way to manually update the tracking record every day when containers are constantly moving. It's time consuming, demanding, and there's other work to be done. You might keep up for a while, but for the long haul, it's impossible.

The great thing is that FASTPace can track. Here's how.

The FASTPace Unit Locator tracks containers.
The Unit Locator is the feature in FASTPace that tracks containers automatically. Each time a container moves, since it's teamed with the computerized Dispatch Board, the container record is updated! It's so easy. You do the dispatching and the Unit Locator reacts by tracking.

Get CONTROL over Tracking
when FASTPace Unit Locator:

1) The Unit Locator maintains and manages a complete
record of your container inventory.

FASTPace Unit Locator:
  • Describes and identifies each box
  • Gives accurate record of box location at any given moment
  • Tracks by size, type and/ or container number
  • Stores the historical data about containers and jobs
  • Updates constantly. YEAH!
  • Connects container # and size with:
    Order #, Customer, Site, Invoice, Dates, Price, Deal, Landfill, Driver, etc.

2) The Unit Locator tracks while you're dispatching.

FASTPace Unit Locator automatically tracks the movement of each box while the Dispatch Board is dispatching.

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