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Get CONTROL over Dispatching
when FASTPace Software:

1. Organizes (automatically) the job data into easy, useable formats:


The Dispatch Board data is color-coded. The color tells the status of the job. Each line of job data on the Dispatch Board begins red, goes to green, and ends in white. Only certain jobs satisfy the requirements for blue. On any given day, you'll have each color represented on the Board. Color-coding gives you an action snapshot at a glance.

Color tells the job status:

Red Ready to be assigned
Green Dispatched
Blue Special Circumstances
White Job Complete


The Dispatch Board stacks or sorts information which helps you see your current workload from different perspectives. Stack the information by:

  • Job Status
• Driver
• Customer
• Priority
• Ticket
• Etc.

Filters allow you to view specific information. You set the requirements.
For example:

  • What's the status and activities for Driver, Bob, today?
  • Where can I send my driver with an empty 20 yard container?
  • What activity did a particular customer have today?
Color-coding, Stacking and Filters work together
to help you Dispatch more effectively!

2). Supplies you with all the necessary job data on the screen to dispatch efficiently.

By instantly knowing what the job status is on any particular job, you can more efficiently prioritize and execute the work.


FASTPACE Dispatch Board Gives You Control:

  • Identifies every job to be done on the Dispatch Board
  • Follows every job from beginning to end - color-coding
  • Tells you when the job is done
  • Informs you of exceptional circumstances
  • Keeps you aware of problems
  • Teams the Dispatch Board with the Unit Locator to track containers all along the job process
  • Gives you valuable data for reports
  • Tracks driver performance
  • Shares information with other roll-off functions
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